3 Stars, Including Shakira, Who’ve Been Attacked By Wild Animals

Posted by Katie F. on February 14th, 2012

Shakira was just trying to enjoy a vacation, but instead she spent part of her weekend fighting off an animal attack. The singer was on a tour in Cape Town, South Africa with her brother when the siblings spotted some wild sea lions. They decided to get closer in order to take pictures, but they got a little too close. Shakira wrote on her Facebook page that one of the sea lions quickly jumped out of the water and got about a foot away from her. She said the animal then “looked me in the eye, roared in fury and tried to bite me.” She was so scared she couldn’t move, but her brother “Super Tony” jumped in front of her and got her away from the sea lion. They both suffered scratches from nearby rocks while trying to get away, but these were only minor injuries. Shakira believes the sea lion was provoked by the reflection from the Blackberry she was using to take pictures. The animals are typically peaceful around humans and only attack when they feel territorial, but the singer still credits her brother with saving her life. Just before the incident, Shakira complained to her tour guide that she never got to see wild animals up close, but she “can’t say that anymore!” She got exactly what she wished for. Today, she tweeted that she was spending some time with penguins, which are “definitely friendlier” than the sea lions she encountered.

Shakira was almost attacked by a sea lion, but she’s not the only star to have a close call with a wild animal. Here are a few other celebrities that have also been attacked and almost seriously injured by animals.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon revealed in 2006 that she was attacked by a dolphin in the 1970s while swimming with the animals in San Francisco. She was holding onto a dolphin’s fin when its mate lunged at Sarandon and bit her wrist. Researchers told the actress the dolphin was warning her to stay away from her mate and that the dolphin easily could have killed her had she stayed in the tank with them any longer.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest was attacked by a shark in California in 2008. He was swimming off the coast of Los Angeles in water about 4 feet deep when the shark approached, bit his foot, and swam away. The shark was small though, and only left a few marks on one of Seacrest’s toes. He found one of the shark’s teeth after the incident to keep as a reminder of the bite.

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