3 Stars, Including Scarlett Johansson, Who Want To Move To London

Most people will go to great lengths to avoid running into an ex, but Scarlett Johannson is taking it to another level by moving to a different country just to get away from Ryan Reynolds. She’s trying so hard to avoid him and his new girlfriend Blake Lively while in New York that she’s considering buying an apartment in London. Scarlett was reportedly in the city last week looking at properties with a real estate agent. She was always uncomfortable with the fact that Ryan and Blake worked together while he was still married to Scarlett. The couple divorced last summer, but Johansson is still keeping a “low profile” in New York and avoiding “the whole party scene.” Instead, she’s looking for a place to live and trying to find love in London. Scarlett is hoping to find a nice British man she “adores” to settle down with.

Scarlett Johansson’s decision to move to London may have been sparked by her split from Ryan Reynolds, but several other celebrities have expressed interest in moving to the city simply because they love it there. Here are a few other stars that would love to relocate to the British capital.


There was speculation in 2010 that Rihanna was planning a move to London. She reportedly stated that she spends more time there than she does in Los Angeles, so she began searching for an apartment.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz reportedly bought a flat in London in 2011. She was spotted in the area of Belsize Park near where fellow celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow , Kate Moss, and Jude Law already live.