3 Stars, Including Pippa Middleton, Who Fear They’ll Be Alone Forever

Kate Middleton found happiness with Prince William, but her younger sister Pippa fears the same will never happen for her. She has reportedly attended seven weddings this year, which makes her wonder why she isn’t planning her own by now. Pippa is “scared she’ll never find someone who’ll be able to accept her life.” Many men don’t want to deal with all the media attention she gets. Her split from longtime boyfriend Alex Loudon isn’t helping the situation either – now that he’s broken up with her twice, she thinks she has become “undateable.”

Pippa Middleton isn’t the only one in the spotlight who fears being alone forever. Here are a few other celebrities that also worry they’ll never find someone to spend their life with.


Rihanna recently revealed that she’s not dating at all right now and she’s not happy about it. She said she’s “not necessarily happy being single.” She knows she’s too busy for a relationship at the moment, but she doesn’t want to be alone forever either.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga recently admitted that she has “an inability to know what happiness feels like with a man.” She’s been told she will die alone unless she finds someone to deal with her habit of putting her fans and her music first.