3 Stars, Including Lindsay Lohan, Who’ve Been Told To Stop Partying

Posted by Katie F. on March 29th, 2012

It seems like Lindsay Lohan has faced a never-ending string of trouble over the past several years, but one thing has finally gone her way. Lohan has officially completed the requirements of her probation stemming from her 2007 DUI. She also completed all the community service she was required to do in the case of her necklace theft. It’s a good thing she actually did what she was supposed to do – the judge could have sentenced Lindsay to 270 days in jail if she wouldn’t have met all the requirements. What the judge did advise Lohan to do is to obey all laws for the next 2 ½ years. She told Lindsay to “stop nightclubbing and focus on your work” before acknowledging, “I know it’s kinda hard when people are following you all over the place … but that’s the life you chose.” Lohan couldn’t help but hide her excitement over the happy ending of the hearing. She broke out into a huge smile as soon as she heard her probation was over, and later thanked the judge and hugged her lawyer.

Lindsay Lohan might be out of trouble for now, but if she doesn’t follow the judge’s advice to stop partying so much then she’ll probably be in trouble again soon. Here are some other stars that have been told to stop partying so much.


Following her hospitalization in November 2011, Rihanna was told by doctors to control her “party girl lifestyle.” They were worried she was pushing herself too hard by constantly recording in the studio, performing on stage, or partying in clubs without taking a break to relax.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry spent time in the United States for military training, but did plenty of partying while he was here too. His grandmother Queen Elizabeth warned him in December 2011 that if he didn’t stop making headlines for going out to clubs, there would be consequences for his behavior.

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