3 Stars, Including Jenna Fischer, Who Struggle To Lose Baby Weight

Some celebrities brag about how easy it is for them to lose weight after giving birth, but The Office star Jenna Fischer hasn’t had the same easy experience. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, Fischer stated, “Let me please stand in solidarity with all of the women who are not a size 2 six weeks after leaving the hospital.” She said she expected to get “so skinny” by breastfeeding, just like the magazines promised she would. However, she is breastfeeding her baby and “not getting any skinnier!” Jenna isn’t too upset about the extra weight though – she’s just fine with being “a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger.” What’s most important to her is enjoying time with her family and deepening the bond between her and her husband as they raise their child. Their son Weston was still on the couple’s mind though throughout the whole awards ceremony, to which Fischer wore a dress that made her look the smallest she possibly could after just having a baby.  They trust their babysitter, so they felt like they could relax and have fun for the night.

Jenna Fischer is struggling to lose the weight she gained while pregnant and many other stars are fighting along with her. Here are a few celebs that just can’t seem to shed all their baby weight.

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson struggled to lose her baby weight after giving birth to son Hank in December 2009. She said her body is “definitely not the way it used to be” and she’s jealous of other celebrity moms who lose weight quickly. Kendra doesn’t even like to look in the mirror sometimes because she thinks she could look better

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba doesn’t understand how celebrity moms lose baby weight. She thinks she’ll never get down to the weight she was before giving birth to her first child in 2008. Alba says her body is just completely different and that clothes don’t fit her the same anymore.