3 Stars, Including Bruce Jenner, Who Battled Skin Cancer

Posted by Katie F. on January 18th, 2012

Bruce Jenner was seen out earlier this week with stitches on the side of his face and now it has been revealed just what the scar is from. Jenner underwent skin cancer removal surgery last Friday. Bruce went to the doctor in the first place because of a small red mark he noticed on his face. The doctor removed a small piece and ran tests on it, only to determine that it was skin cancer. Upon hearing this news, Jenner went to an outpatient facility to have a chunk of the surrounding area of his skin removed. He will make a full recovery and doctors say they caught it in time before the problem became more serious for Bruce. Still, Jenner must take some precautions now to help ensure he won’t have to have more skin cancer removed. For instance, he can’t go out in the sun without wearing a hat, especially when he plays golf.

Bruce Jenner isn’t the only star who’s had patches of skin removed during a skin cancer scare. Here are a few celebrities that have battled skin cancer too.

Eric Dane

Eric Dane thought he just had chapped lips, but it turned out to be malignant tissue caused by sun damage. He was treated for the cancer tissue in 2008 and was able to catch the problem before it became more serious.

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor had several suspicious-looking moles removed from his face in 2008 as a precaution. Good thing the doctors caught them soon enough because later tests showed some of them to be cancerous.

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