3 Stars, Including Anne Hathaway, Who Go On Crazy Crash Diets

Posted by Katie F. on March 30th, 2012

Anne Hathaway is getting ready to play a dying prostitute named Fantine in the movie version of the musical Les Miserables. Part of her preparation for the role includes losing a significant amount of weight, and in a pretty short period of time too. Hathaway is currently “a healthy size 10” and has been filming all the scenes that show her at this weight. Now that it’s time for her to film the scenes in which she needs to look extremely thin, she has less than three week to lose about 16 pounds. Anne has started eating 500 calories or less each day instead of the 2,000 calories a day normally recommended. Sources close to the film say they recognize it’s not an ideal situation for the actress, but there’s little else they can do with the time constraints on such a high-budget film. Hathaway has been given a personal trainer to work with and is eating nothing but apples and drinking protein shakes. Producers are watching closely to make sure she still stays healthy enough during the crash diet though. They’re making sure to have doctors monitor Anne during the next few weeks. Hathaway stars in Les Miserables, which will be released in December, with fellow stars Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Amanda Seyfried.

Anne Hathaway is gearing up to go on a crash diet to lose weight in a short period of time for a film role. Here are some other celebrities that have gone on crash diets.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale took his diet to the extreme when preparing for his role as a sleep-deprived industrial worker in The Machinist. He lost 63 pounds by sticking to a daily diet of coffee, cigarettes, and an apple.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon lost 40 pounds for his role in the 1996 film Courage Under Fire by eating chicken breast, egg whites, and one baked potato a day. Damon also drank a lot of coffee and ran 6 ½ miles both in the morning and at night.

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