3 Celebrities, Including Angelina Jolie, Who Try Too Hard

Posted by Katie F. on February 28th, 2012

Angelina Jolie’s leg got more attention than any full person did at the Oscars on Sunday. Pictures with Jolie’s right leg superimposed into them are making their rounds on the internet and there’s already a whole Twitter dedicated to the body part. The public has obviously made their opinion known by mocking Angelina online, but now more of her fellow stars are ready to share their opinions. Joan Rivers, star of Fashion Police, believes the actress was trying much too hard at the Academy Awards. She “looked like a fool the way she posed.” Rivers went as far as to insist Angelina “took herself right out of that super star category” because one of her secrets was revealed – we now know how much Jolie stands in front of the mirror to figure out what she looks like. River’s daughter also shares her mom’s opinion. It’s “unfortunate” for Jolie’s image because she no longer looks effortlessly beautiful. We know that she practices hard to look glamorous. Joan continued to poke fun at Angelina by bringing up the actress’s PR disasters in the past. Jolie was finally able to clean up her image, but her strange pose at the awards show “brought us back.” Joan also criticized Angelina’s skinny frame, which has been a popular topic of debate for a while now.

Joan Rivers thinks Angelina Jolie is trying way too hard and she’s not the only star to be accused of this. Here are a few more celebrities that have also been accusing of trying too hard.

Scarlett Johansson

Megan Fox stated in 2009 that she wants to be nothing like Scarlett Johansson. She thinks that Scarlett goes on talk shows and pulls out “every single SAT word” in order to make herself sound intelligent and prove that she should be taken seriously.

Ryan Gosling

During an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show in 2011, Ryan Gosling revealed that his agent told him he was “trying too hard to be cool” during appearances on talk shows. She advised him not to talk during the show and instead to “do something weird.”

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