3 Stars, Including Adam Levine, Who Overshare About Their Sex Lives

Posted by Katie F. on February 22nd, 2012

Adam Levine may love that he’s dating a Victoria’s Secret model, but there’s some things about their personal lives that he just shouldn’t share. Maroon 5 singer and The Voice judge Levine stopped by The Howard Stern Show this week and talked all about his 2 year relationship with Anne Vyalitsyna. Adam said it’s “the longest, most functional relationship” he has ever been in. He’s determined not to mess it up. When asked about how they met, Anne came on air to help tell the story. Maroon 5 was hired to play at a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition party. At first, Adam thought the model was “a stuck-up b****” while Anne thought the band’s frontman was “a d***bag” musician. Levine certainly did sound like one when he joked that he didn’t start a band just to meet girls, but he “stayed in the band to get girls.” Still, they went out for drinks and realized how well they got along. Now, the couple claims they are as close as two people can get. The personal thing they weren’t afraid to share came up when Adam decided to talk about the method of birth control the couple uses. Levine believes he uses “a fool-proof birth control system” – the pull-out method. Looks like we should be expecting a pregnancy announcement from the couple any day now.

Adam Levine shared a little too much information about his sex life with his girlfriend when he appeared on a morning radio show this week. He’s not the only star who talks too much though – here are a few other celebrities that like talking about sex way more than they should.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is trying hard to get pregnant with her first child, which means all she has talked about lately is sex. She revealed in a recent interview that instead of trying to plan for which days she’s most likely to get pregnant, they just have sex all the time. They “enjoy each other” and their “very active love life.”

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz often makes comments about her active sex life. In 2010 she credited her sex life for keeping her looking young. In the same year, the actress admitted she likes to do it outdoors.

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