3 Famous Husbands, Including Lamar Odom, Who Were Caught With Strippers

Posted by Katie F. on January 13th, 2012

First Khloe Kardashian had to figure out who her father is, now she has to worry about her husband spending time with other women behind her back. In a twist that makes this week even worse for Khloe, new reports have surfaced that her husband Lamar Odom was seen partying with strippers last weekend. Witnesses at a Washington D.C. strip club say that Odom spent hundreds of dollars on strippers on January 8. At one point, he was laying in the corner of the club while “strippers were grinding on him.” He even went into a private room with a stripper that supposedly looked just like Khloe. Lamar wanted to make sure “the girls were well taken care of” and was throwing money at the dancers all night. Odom was at the club with two of his Dallas Mavericks teammates and was in Washington to be honored at a ceremony at the White House the next day. Kardashian was back in Dallas as the couple’s condo.

Many other famous husbands have been caught at a strip club on a night out. Here are a few other celebrity husbands that would rather party with strippers than hang out with their wives.

Hank Baskett

Kendra Wilkinson’s husband Hank Baskett reportedly “loves strippers and strip clubs.” It was revealed in 2010 that Hank spent several nights out at strip clubs while Kendra was pregnant with their son.

Jesse James

Jesse James cheated on wife Sandra Bullock with a stripper named Michelle McGee. The news broke in 2010 and the couple split soon after.

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