3 Celebs, Including Hilary Duff, Who Need Police Protection From Paparazzi

Posted by Katie F. on December 23rd, 2011

Hilary Duff caused such a frenzy yesterday when she was out and about in West Hollywood that she needed police protection from the paparazzi. She went to a salon to get her hair done on Thursday and the paparazzi were waiting for her outside when she left. She had to get a police escort from the salon to her Mercedes. Photographers were scrambling to get a shot of her baby bump, but they shouldn’t be so aggressive with the pregnant star.

Hilary Duff isn’t the only celebrity who needs protection from aggressive paparazzi. Here are a few other stars that need police to help keep photographers away.

January Jones

Pregnant January Jones had a police escort help her to her car in June after paparazzi gathered outside the nail salon she was at.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Police protected William and Kate over the summer when they attended a party in Los Angeles during their trip to California. They defended against any trespassing photographers at the event.

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