3 Celebrities, Including Lindsay Lohan, Who Confront Home Intruders

Posted by Katie F. on January 2nd, 2012

Cops were called to Lindsay Lohan’s house last night after a strange man showed up at her door. Lohan was in her Venice Beach home around 6:30 pm when an “older gentleman” began knocking on her front door. Lindsay answered the door and asked what he wanted, but the man only gave the vague answer that he needed to talk to her. She was reportedly freaked out by the situation, so she asked the man to leave. He refused and continued to demand that she open the door. Lohan called to report a trespasser on her property and the police showed up soon after to arrest the man.

This trespasser might not have made it into Lindsay Lohan’s house, but many other celebrities encounter intruders inside their homes. Here are a few other stars that experienced scary confrontations with intruders.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage once woke up at two in the morning to see a man standing in front of his bed. The intruder was wearing Cage’s leather jacket and was easting a Fudgesicle. Cage chased him out of the house and the cops took him away.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson once had an intruder in her house for several days without noticing. The woman was even stealing food from the kitchen. When the police arrived to take her away, the intruder was wearing one of Anderson’s Baywatch bathing suits and slit her wrists.

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