3 Celebrities, Including Kris Humphries, Who Want To Have Kids Right Now

Posted by Katie F. on December 13th, 2011

There’s no hope for Kris Humphries to have kids with Kim Kardashian anymore, but that’s all he wanted to do during the couple’s 72-day marriage. Kris told Kim from the start that was he really excited about starting a family. He wanted “to have kids right away” and didn’t want to waste any time. Soon after, they began fighting about where to raise their children. Kim then filed for divorce before she even had the chance to get pregnant.

Kris Humphries isn’t the only celebrity who wants to have children as soon as possible. Here’s a few other stars that can’t wait to start a family.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is currently pregnant with her first child, but she’s already looking ahead to when she can have another one. She absolutely loves being pregnant and “can’t wait to have more kids.” She insists fiancé Eric Johnson is just as excited and that they can’t believe they get to raise a family together.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is itching to settle down and have kids. She’s turning 30 in April and thought she’d have her life figured out by now. Dunst is just concerned about finding a partner who will want to have children and raise them in the same way she imagines.

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