3 Celebrities, Including Kim Kardashian, Who’ve Been Flour-Bombed

Posted by Katie F. on March 23rd, 2012

Kim Kardashian was trying to walk the red carpet Thursday night when her appearance was sabotaged. Kim was in West Hollywood at the London Hotel walking into an event to promote her newest fragrance, called True Reflection. When she was on the carpet, a woman behind Kardashian shouted “fur hag” and threw white powder all over her that covered the back of her jacket and her hair. Kim quickly found a room in which she could take off her jacket and dust the powder off her hair before returning to the event. She said because the event was for charity, she “wanted to come back for all of the women involved.” Kim insisted she was okay, but what had happened was “insane!” She laughed off the incident and even joked that her makeup artist brought her a little too much powder. Kardashian was unharmed, but the fire department was still called to examine the powder and make sure it wasn’t dangerous. It was just cooking flour. The police detained the woman who threw the flour, but Kim told them she didn’t want to press charges and they let the woman go.

Several other celebrities have been the victims of flour-bombing before. Ryan Seacrest had flour dumped on him by Sacha Baron Cohen as the Oscars last month, but it seems Kim Kardashian was attacked by a woman protesting fur. Here are some other stars that have also been flour-bombed because they wear fur.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was hit with a flour bomb in November 2008 while she was entering a nightclub in Paris. She was wearing a fur stole and was attacked by animal rights activists from PETA. Lohan quickly brushed off the flour before posing on the red carpet.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was hit with four flour bombs in one night in February 2006. She was walking the red carpet at London Fashion Week when protestors from PETA attacked her with the flour. Hilton was with designer Julian Macdonald at the time, who the activists were protesting for using fur.

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