3 Celebrities, Including Jay-Z, Who Refuse To Swear

Posted by Katie F. on January 17th, 2012

Now that Jay-Z has a daughter, he wants to make sure he’s a good influence on her – the rapper has vowed to stop using the word “bitch” in his songs. Ever since he and wife Beyonce celebrated the birth of their first child earlier this month, he has dedicated songs and poems to daughter Blue Ivy Carter. His most recent poem describes how he never gave a second thought to using the word before. Now, he refuses to say it and doesn’t want to hear anyone else say it either. In the same poem, he also promises to protect his daughter no matter what. He says “no man will degrade her” and wishes her “wealth, health, and insight” for her future. It seems like Blue is already on the path to success and wealth. She became the youngest person ever to be credited on the US Billboard chart last week. Jay-Z’s most recent song, “Glory,” features his daughter’s cries and coos, for which she is credited on the track, and entered the chart at Number 74.

Jay-Z may have vowed not to swear out of respect for his newborn daughter, but several other celebrities don’t like swearing either. Here are a few other stars that don’t swear in their songs.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber stated in a recent interview that since he’s “not completely grown up” and is still learning, he won’t sing about anything scandalous and won’t swear in his songs. In a recent cover of Drake’s song “Trust Issues,” Bieber made sure to take all the swearing out, even though Drake wanted him to leave the cuss words in it.

Will Smith

Despite being criticized by other rappers, Will Smith helped create a “clean rap” image that involves avoiding swearing in his songs. Smith says it all started with his personal environment growing up – no one used a lot of profanity and his grandmother told him, “He who is truly articulate shuns profanity.”

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