3 Celebrities, Including Christina Aguilera, Who Sweat On Stage

Christina Aguilera has been criticized a lot lately for her weight, but now she’s getting attention for something that happened during a recent performance of hers. Over the weekend, Aguilera sang “At Last” in a Los Angeles church at a memorial service for Etta James, who passed away on January 20. Attendees of the service said she “sang her heart out.” It was one of Christina’s proudest moments – she called James “a true gift to music and a woman of great spirit and courage.” The singer has been covering Etta’s “At Last” for years and was happy to perform it again. As soon as pictures of Christina’s performance surfaced, however, fans noticed something strange. The singer had weird streaks running down her legs. Apparently she was a little too nervous – attendees said it appeared that all her sweat caused her spray tan to streak.

Sweating onstage in front of so many people seems like it would be pretty embarrassing, but it’s a fairly common problem among performers. Here are a few other stars that, like Christina Aguilera, have been caught sweating excessively onstage.


Beyonce admitted last year that the reason she always has so many wind machines pointed at her during performances is not because she’s “being fashionable” – she needs them because she sweats so much. She works so hard onstage that she’d be “dripping” if the machines weren’t there.

Jordin Sparks

Singer Jordin Sparks admitted that she’s always “drenched” with sweat after performances. Sparks is constantly moving when she’s onstage, which causes her to sweat more than usual.