20 Stars Without Their Make-Up [Part 2]

Posted by PZ on July 3rd, 2010

As we saw in part 1, when celebs go out without their trusty make-up – the level of attractiveness can vary greatly! While some might be able to pull off the natural look, others should never go out without their usual thick layer of foundation. Here is another 20 stars who have been caught completely bare faced. Be prepared for some shockers!

Tyra Banks

Tori Spelling

Sharon Osbourne

Kate Moss

Nicole Richie


Kirsten Dunst

Kelly Clarkson

Katie Holmes

Kate Winslet

Jessica Simpson

Jennifer Hudson

Sienna Miller

Goldie Hawn

Gisele Bundchen

Christina Ricci

Kelly Osbourne

Brooke Shields

Anne Hathaway

Kim Kardashian

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