23 Stars Without Their Make-Up

Posted by PZ on March 17th, 2010

Hollywood stars are rarely seen without their make-up, but when they occasionally step out without their trusty mascara, we get a glimpse of what the star beneath the layers of tan and foundation really looks like. Some manage to pull off the fresh faced look, while others shouldn’t leave the house without their concealer firmly in place.  Here is 21 stars bare faced. Some rock the au natural look to perfection – but for the majority, it does little to flatter! It is strange to see what a difference a good tan and some mascara make – but these are the proof that dolling yourself up can really make a difference to your looks. Some of these celebs look so different, you’d almost mistake them for a normal person!

23 – Ashley Tisdale

22 – Amy Winehouse

21 – Marilyn Manson

Check out who else left their concealer at home after the cut!

20 – Madonna

19 – Mariah Carey

18 – Pamela Anderson

17 – Britney Spears

16 – Halle Berry

15 – Cameron Diaz

14 – Jennifer Lopez

13 – Hilary Duff

12 – Beyonce

11 – Angelina Jolie

10 – Kristen Stewart

9 – Lauren Conrad

8 – Eva Longoria

7 – Jessica Alba

6 – Miley Cyrus

5 – Drew Barrymore

4 – Vanessa Hudgens

3 – Lady Gaga

2 – Blake Lively

1 – Katherine Heigl

It’s surprising just how effective make-up is, isn’t it? Not only can it make or break your appearance, but without it, some of these stars look unhealthy! There are a few acceptations though – some of just manage to pull it off, and bravely bare their skin to the world! Leave a comment with who you think looks the best and of course, who you think looks terrible without!

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