17 Surfing Celebrities

Posted by PZ on February 9th, 2011

Surfing celebrities – some use it as a way to keep fit, others as a way to have fun, while other famous stars such as Cameron Diaz could be a pro if they wanted to be (she has been surfing for years)! Here is a look at 17 wet-suit clad celebrities who are battling with their balance, paddling and splashing as they try their best to stay above the surface as they surf. From regular ol’ surfing to the celebrity paddle surfing craze (I’m sure you can guess what that entails, watch out for stars with paddles!) here is a look at the stars who dare to dive in.

Adam Sandler

Tanna Frederick

Cameron Diaz

Lindsay Lohan

Matthew McConaughey

Paris Hilton

Charlize Theron

Hayden Panettiere

Kate Hudson

Adrian Grenier

Elle Macpherson

Matt Damon

Jennifer Aniston

Ben Affleck

Gisele Bundchen

Owen Wilson

Pierce Brosnan

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