17 Actors/Actresses Who Can Play the Piano

Posted by PZ on October 23rd, 2010

Some actors and actresses are multi-talented – some can sing, some can dance, and here is a look at those who can play the piano. Some have learned to play for a role, such as Adrien Brody for his role in the Pianist, while other stars play the piano for fun. Actor and director Clint Eastwood has expertly mastered the piano, and supports his other love, Jazz music.

Jamie Foxx

Kelsey Grammar

Dustin Hoffman

Richard Gere

Alyssa Milano

Adrien Brody

Elijah Wood

Courteney Cox

Sean Hayes

Anthony Hopkins

Sandra Bullock

Nicole Richie

Hugh Grant

Paris Hilton

Hayden Christensen

Dakota Fanning

Clint Eastwood

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