16 Celebrities Wearing Sarees/Saris

Posted by PZ on February 27th, 2011

Sarees/Saris originated thousands of years ago in India, and although the style has continued to evolve and vary slightly, the traditional cloth has been worn for hundreds of years in much the same manner it is worn today.  The famous style of dress which epitomizes rich Indian culture has also been adapted by celebrities, who have wore the luxurious garment on the red carpet, in photo shoots and to various events. Below are just some of the stars who have worn it.


Jessica Alba


Ashley Judd




Nicole Scherzinger


Victoria Beckham


Serena & Venus Williams


Anna Kournikova


Liz Hurley


Helen Mirren


Tania Zaetta


Naomi Campbell


Gisele Bundchen


Cameron Diaz


Alyssa Milano


Pamela Anderson

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