15 Wacky Celebrity Nails

Posted by PZ on January 19th, 2011

While a French manicure is mandatory for those in the spotlight, some stars like to take things a few steps further, adding embellishments, pictures and crazy colours to their nails. Katy Perry, Fergie and Lady Gaga are just three of the stars who regularly go all out when it comes to getting arty with their nails, while Lindsay Lohan made headlines recently when her chose to have ‘f**k u’ written on her nails for a court appearance! Below are just 15 stars with arty nails – whose is the craziest?


Solange Knowles


Nicole Scherzinger

Mischa Barton

Lindsay Lohan

Lady Gaga

Kid Sister

Katy Perry

Heidi Montag



Dolly Parton

Christina Milian

Brooke Hogan

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