15 Celebrity Single Moms

Posted by PZ on December 13th, 2010

With celebrity divorces rampant these days amongst other factors, it’s only natural that there would be lots of single moms doing it for themselves in celebville. Sandra Bullock recently adopted her own child even though her relationship with Jesse James had come to an end, and other moms such as Kate Moss go from boyfriend to boyfriend, but don’t feel like settling on anyone in particular just yet. Here is a look at the independent women that balance being a single parent with their careers.

Denise Richards

Teri Hatcher

Sharon Stone

Sandra Bullock

Reese Witherspoon

Pamela Anderson

Padma Lakshmi

Minnie Driver

Michelle Williams

Mia Farrow

Mary Louise Parker

Liv Tyler

Kate Winslet

Kate Moss

Kate Hudson

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