11 Celebrities with Red Hair Whose Sperm is not Wanted

Posted by sparky on September 19th, 2011

Bad news for Ireland.  I just read here that the world’s biggest sperm bank, Cyros, doesn’t want red heads to donate their sperm.  Talk about discrimination.   What’s the problem with red heads?  No demand.   If you’ve got brown hair and brown eyes, then you could make a quick $500 for your semen.  Lucky brunettes.

Here are 11 celebrities whose sperm would probably be turned away by Cyros.   Their photographs are all courtesy of INFdaily.com.

Ron Howard

Dave Annable

 Ben Foster

Stefan Gordy

Jared Leto

Justin Mikita

Carrot Top

Shaun White

Seth Green

Danny Bonaduce

Hugo Weaving

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