10 Real Life Spottings of the Month

Posted by PZ on April 1st, 2011

Ever wondered which famous faces actually look good out in the wild? JustSpotted has the low-down on who is looking fierce out amongst the people and who could use some rejuvenation. Here are five celebs who’ve been spotted in person lookin’ fab and five who’ve been spotted look drab.

Photos: INFdaily.com


Just saw Dave Chappelle walking down Collins with his kids. Looks like he’s been working out.


Just saw Elle Macpherson get a parking ticket in Kensington, she looks stunning, can’t believe she is 46!


Just saw Gwyneth Paltrow in T5. She’s more beautiful in real life than on screen. 🙂


Just saw Bill Murray again…he looks great for his age!


Zac Efron still looks good even with a random mustache. i know because i just saw him in the SFO airport



Just saw Helen Hunt and she looks sickly. Eat a freaking burger!


Just saw Britney Spears at the Castro. Homegirl’s weave looks cute. The taco bell sauce near her lip, not so much.


Just saw Michael Cera at my little Pasadena Fresh & Easy. He’s even more awkward in real life – impressive!


Just saw Ty Pennington @ Rose Bowl Flea Market. Looks like he spent all night bar hopping on Sunset


just saw Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner… Brody looks hot of course but Avril looks like she needs an Advil… Looking straight trashed in pink and lime green hair… Lol


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