10 of Hollywood’s Biggest Surgery Addicts

Posted by PZ on March 15th, 2010

Cosmetic surgery is a billion dollar industry – and one which half of Hollywood depends on when their skin is getting a little bit older, their tummy is less taunt.. or they just want a completely new face! It is often the case that celebs don’t know where to draw the line and take it a step too far. I’ve compiled a list of who I believe are the top 10 in Hollywood – some new, some old – all with the same love of going under the knife whenever they see a fold of disagreeable skin. Surgery is a big deal – but these lot don’t seem to realize the risks.

10 – Tara Reid

Tara used to look like the cute girl next door – until she thought a small tummy tuck and a boob job would enhance her looks. Everyone has seen the picture of her looking like a mess that  time she accidentally fell out of her dress and showed off a newly created plastic boob to the world. Above is Tara’s tummy, which has also been nip-tucked –  her stomach is not only wrinkled, but it also appears slightly scarred, which makes it look like it belongs on an old person, not on her.

Read on to find out who the other 9 surgery addicts are!

9 – Lil Kim

Ouch – it must hurt to not be able to move your face. Lil Kim has given herself a total make-over, but it didn’t turn out so good. Her cheeks look like they’ve been made out of tennis balls and you can almost see where they injected the botox into her forehead. This looks really wrong – she looks like she has got a full barbie doll lodged under her skin. Not a good look!

8 – Carrot Top

Scarier then scary spice, funnier to look at then to actually listen to – it’s Carrot Top. Once a popular comedian – now a surgery addict. This looks – indescribable. Who knew eyebrows could even stretch that far? disturbing.

7 – Joan Rivers

Woah, she looked like a normal middle aged woman in the before picture – and even though the outfit didn’t change much, the face did. There is no debating this one – Joan spends more time under the knife then Heidi Klum spends pregnant!  The nose job and brow lift are the most obvious changes, but the lips and cheeks have had some attention too.

6 – Pamela Anderson

If Pam filled her big balloons with helium, I’m pretty sure she’d take off from the ground and would be orbiting space as we speak. Pamela Anderson is basically famous thanks to her surgery – Her back breaking, jumbo double D’s have been the desire of  men everywhere for many,many years (especially back in the good old Baywatch days). At least Pam didn’t do much work on her face, and looks pretty normal in that regard. Phew.

5 – Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag is so desperate for attention that she called herself a surgery addict! Heidi is the most recent addition to the list – and had a huge 10 surgeries, all in one go – including boobs and nose.  She looks quite different since going under the knife, her nose is one of the biggest changes to her appearance. If she is really stuck for publicity (which is going to happen) my guess is that Heidi will go under the knife again.

4 – La Toya Jackson

Latoya has obviously had a lot done – just looking at the before photo, you’d think it was a different person. The nose is the big one here (no pun intended.. well actually.. ) Latoya has gone for a super skinny, ski jump nose – which really looks weird and very fake. It looks like she has had other surgeries too – browlift, skin peel – all very probable – but that nose is what makes it look so obvious!

3 – Kenny Rogers

Kenny went through great lengths to try and make his aging face look youthful – but the final result was not what he was hoping for. You can still quite plainly see the wrinkles around his eyes, but now his forehead is smoother then Tiger Woods catching up mistress no 34. This looks weird and is actually a bit of a sad one – old rockers like Kenny shouldn’t care what they look like – but he obviously felt pressured to look young.

2 – Jackie Stallone

Nope, it’s not Carrot Top’s mother, it’s Sylvester Stallones! Jackie has done something horrific to her face – there much be millions of dollars worth of surgical goo stuck under her forehead and cheeks. This is not what humans are supposed to look like!

1 – Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein basically became famous thanks to her excessive facial surgery. Any kind of procedure you can think of – I’m pretty sure shes had it. She looks so stunning in her before picture – I don’t understand why she thought going under the knife was necessary.  She is without a doubt the biggest surgery addict – and is famous simply because of it.

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