10 Kim Kardashian Fashion Faux Pas

Posted by Rebecca on February 18th, 2011

Yeah,  you know, the cool-as-a cucumber Kim Kardashian, who always seems to be wearing a ton of makeup and some sort of black business-casual ensemble (or an off the shoulder dress, your call), well sometimes she looks freaking AWKWARD.  Especially in those Paris Hilton early years, am  I right? Here’s a salute to Kim Kardashian pre-adequate stylist, post-Ray-J piss video. I dunno, circa 2001ish.  I love it!

1. Fabric Monster Kardashian

I think I bought half this dress at a Kohls for my freshman homecoming dance….you know, that scratchy sparkly material? Kimmy uses it here, now with extra sleeve.  Man, you look like a SEA MONKEY, Kim Kardashian!

2. Soccer Mom Kardashian

This is a great ensemble, let me tell you.  It’s like Kim said, I WANT to call attention to my breasts, but can we make me look like an overweight, homely soccer mom? Yeah, that would be perfect.  And God said, let it be so. And it was.  And it was lame.

3.Tacky Kardashian

holy crap, I love how terrible this dress is. The front could be the most beautiful thing in the world, but who cares? The back of this disgusting, white dress is HIDEOUS.

4.Milkmaid Kardashian

This had better be a costume, because if it isn’t…well, this looks like something picked out from the “slutty business casual” section of my local dress barn.

5. Fat-Day Kardashian

Kim looks hot from the neck up, but it’s like she felt bloaty and was like, how much black, flow-y fabric can I wear while still seeming sexy? Oh, I’ll just show my aereoli and all will be right in the world.  Right?  Lots of tit and lots of pant does not a respectable outfit make.

6. Mall Kardashian

Gross.  Gross gross gross. I get that this is a bongo promo thing, but come on.  That ill-fitting top should be BURNED. Burned, I say.  This picture should be erased from history if Kim Kardashian wants to maintain her “hot” title, or whatever.

7. Real Housewife Kardashian

I love these weird little tie things she wears around her tits…it’s like, sailory but also super matronly at the same time.  It must be hard finding an ill-fitting dress that tries to hard to be saucy for Kim, but she did it!

8. Mermaid Kardashian

Or, hey, Vegas showgirl Kardashian. However way you wanna go.  I love how this dress screams “give me the attention I so do not deserve” and Kim’s face seems super bored.  Just goes to show, an ugly dress is never a good idea, no matter how many bangles hang off of it.  Unless you’re in an Indian wedding. Which, clearly, Ms. Kardashian is not at.

9. WTF Kardashain

enough said.

10. Mall Kardashian (Part II)

Are we sure Kim K. didn’t get all her money and FABULOUS outfits like these secretly working at an Ohio hot topic?

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