10 Fugly Looks by Miley Cyrus

Posted by Rebecca on March 17th, 2011

Well well well, Ms. Cyrus.  Looks like you’ve had a lot more fashion crimes than meet the eye.  I mean, I know you’re young and all, but aren’t you rich enough to get a little Hot Topic Stylist, or 12? When I was a young teenager, I had no excuse. Come, let’s explore your fashion don’ts, and in doing so, marvel at how ridiculous you STILL are!


1. Hippie-Lame


Nice scarf and weird rag-dress, lady.  The dress is almost strapless, so remind me again why you need a mismatched scarf? To keep you warm on those cold LA mornings?  Eh, I’m not buying it, Miley.


2.  Hawaiian Chic


I think I saw this dress at Target, circa 1999.  You know, when hawaiian crap and hemp was still in.  Really?


3.  Prom Barbie


Granted, this may be for a Hannah Montana shoot, but when was dressing like a crazy homeless barbie considered cool, or desireable? My favorite part are the shoes, which are straight out of my mom’s closet, circa 1984.


4. Dumpy Stripes


Miley, you look like what would happen if a candy cane had sex with a pillowcase.


5.  Vintage Britney


Very Britney Spears which is old.  I mean, come on.  I get it. You’re trying to be sexy, but in doing so you’re just trying to look like Britney Spears,  only less hot and more awkward.


6.  Phys Ed


You have plenty of cute pairs of shorts, why not wear a pair?


7.  Good God


Grey and olive colors, which makes Miley look slightly homeless. And with those gross boots, I’m surprises she doesn’t have some food stamp-like accessory.


8.  Uggs n’ Drugs


Are you working out? Coming from a slumber party? Or going on a hike in arctic tundra? I’m confused.  Also aroused. Wait, did I say that? What can I say,I love a good legging.


9. Weird Fabric


If you pull it, it will unravel. Also, how is she supposed to wear this into a salvia store?  It’s gonna get all gummed up.


10.  Dr. Seuss


Miley,  do you want some green eggs n’ ham? Or perhaps a hat to go with your hideousness? 

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