10 Fashion Don’ts by American Idol Contestants

Posted by Rebecca on April 7th, 2011

Listen, I don’t watch American Idol, but these fashion miscreants certainly make me want to start!  It’s the old addage: when normal people get thrust into the limelight…they get…crazy. Well, I don’t know who says that. I made it up.  Still, I love watching people try to dress themselves, use their Best Blow Dryer, and think they look good. Here are some Fashion don’ts by American Idol people…contestants, and a couple bonuses!


All photos from INFdaily.com

1. Jordin Sparks

Oh Jordin.  You’re so young, and so do love unflattering hair cut and weird, silky materials.  I don’t want to say sideshow bob…but…she looks a little like a cute sideshow bob.  You know, she’s adorable but weirdo looking.  And perhaps, dangerous.


2. David Cook

Bad facial hair and weird chain choker.  Need I say more?


3. Paula Abdul

GOOD GOD GHOST OF GAY MICHAEL JACKSON!  Too soon?  Okay, insert another circus reference, or perhaps an allusion to Sgt. Pepper.  Any way you go with it, she looks like Captain Hook. Did you like that?  I’M CHOCK FULL OF REFERENCES TODAY, PEOPLE!

4.  Danny Gokey

You can’t be Eurotrash, because you’re too portly. And, the hair? I’m confused.  I feel like I should go to some International Youth Hostel and figure this one out.


5. Adam Lambert

GLAMBERT. What.  Are. You. Wearing? Are your neck and shoulders cold? Or do you just have an allergy to flattering material?


6. Katharine McPhee

Homeless chic, in Bijon Fur.


7.  Siobhan Magnus

I’m sorry- I take this one back.  A watering can  IS the ultimate accessory.


8. Big Mike Lynche

Board shorts? Really? If there is one thing I can instill within you, fair readers, is never be caught wearing board shorts in public. Ever.  EVER.


9. Naima Adedapo

Fly the colors of AFRICA!  And then it’ll get sick and vomit all over you.


10. Katie Stevens


This is so 1999. Like, I’m about to get out my Tamagotchi and get a refund on that tank top that transforms into a tube top at the Limited.  And, I’m with my weird friend who can’t stop talking about the new Star Wars movies coming out.

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