10 Celebrities with Weird Pets

Posted by Rebecca on February 18th, 2011

yeah, even celebrities can be weirdo, protective pet owners.  Because, you know,  money + time + notoriety always equals good things, right?  Good things in CAGES, or BARNS, in some cases. Come, take a GANDER at the HERD of celebs who love to bask in their weirdo GAGGLE of PETS.  See how I used those words? Yeah, I’m gods gift to the English language.  But, I digress…

1.  Johnny Depp

Along with like, buying islands and being all facial-hairy and hot,  guess what else Mr. Depp does? OH YEAH, he COLLECTS BUGS.  You know, when he’s not banging his hot girlfriend/model and mother of his children, and like, curing cancer and making diamonds out of recycled goods.

2.  Courtney Love

Courtney Love has a turtle. I mean, I’m pretty surprised that she can take care of herself anymore, save for her daughter, a career, her turtle…no doubt Courtney’s handlers change its tank and feed it so it will inevitably outlive it’s strung out owner. And I’m not just saying that because turtles live long time, it’s because Courtney Love…well, let’s just say little miracles.  Little miracles…

3.  George Clooney

Doesn’t Max, George Clooney’s pig, get a lot of press, as far as weirdo pets go? Here’s a great pic of the Cloon and his buddy, you know, the potbellied pig. I love how if any other perpetually single dude had a pig running around their house, they would undoubtedly not get laid.  With George Clooney?  It’s like a really hot, good-smelling glade plug in.  Hey yo!

4. Tori Spelling

Oh, Tori.  Pugs aren’t that exotic, ulness you dress them exotically.  Tori’s got an A plus in that respect, so we’re giving her a place on this list.  Also, Tori, might wanna check where your kids are…last I saw them  they were doing meth and playing inside a gated pool.  Oh, but those pug’s shoes? AMAZING!

5. Ross Ohlendorf

Old McOhlendorf had a cow, eee i eee i whaaa?  Yeah, this Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher has a cow.  Her name is Marina.  She’s 15, and totally single.  She lives on Ross’ parents’ cattle farm, but she is HIS, so maybe she’s not totally single.  I dunno- check her facebook.

6.  Visanthe Shiancoe

Another grown man with ferrets…god, I feel like I’m looking at a catalog of my ex boyfriends. But I digress…this football player has two ferrets.  First of again, this is a GROWN MAN.  Who owns rodents. And, is super proud of that fact.

7. Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage isn’t pictured with his two albino king cobras, but he’s looking pretty snakey in that ‘stache.  He’s also owned an octopus, a crocodile and sharks, all of which he eventually donated to a zoo.  Nice?  I dunno.  I mean…sounds productive, Cage.

8. Mike Tyson

He has PIGEONS.  Mike Tyson has had pigeons for racing since he was but a 9 year old boy, and now does stuff on animal planet with his racing pigeons.  Weird, right?  Well, how would you feel if you were the photographer of the picture above? Yeah, I thought so.

9. Hugh Hefner

We all know Hef has lots of pets at the playboy mansion,  but did you know he has a license for a private zoo?  No, not for the girls.  (hah, I love that joke).  I mean, for the Animals.  He has more than 100 species of BIRDS!  You know,  ones that can take a lot of banal conversation and the stench of axe body spray, among other airbourne illnesses and fluids.

10. Robert Redford

Has a bunch of horses. What? I mean, also and octopi. Just kidding.  He’s hot! And rides horses! Now that’s a man I can get behind…er, in front of.

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