Willow Smith Goes Gothic in Strange Black Outfit While Out in L.A.

Posted by PZ on January 23rd, 2013

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Willow Smith has an unusual sense of style. At first, it seemed like mom Jada might have been responsible for all of her  wacky outfits as a way of making her daughter stand out and help her launch her music career. But these days, Willow seems to be keeping it up, and it seems more like it’s her own tastes too. The singer was seen out in Woodland Hills, California where she shopped for camera supplies. She wore a strangely put together gothic look including a black biker jacket, another long leather layer and possibly a long skirt too (the layers are all mixed up). She completed the outfit with black army style boots and a navy headwrap, covering up her short shaved hair.

This outfit is certainly original and stands out – it might not work perfectly and seems slightly on the weird side of things, but Willow is still young and experimenting with her look – she’s brave for trying out new stuff and it takes courage in the spotlight to not care what people think.  It will be interesting to see how she develops and grows as a person in the years to come, as her style is probably going to get even more unpredictable and unusual! Perhaps a fashion line is on the cards for Willow as she clearly loves custom outfits!

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