Weird Story of the Day: Rupert Everett Stalked & Slept With Ian McKellen

Posted by PZ on January 9th, 2013


Did Rupert Everett just kiss and tell? According to the British actor, he once stalked Ian McKellen and ended up sleeping with him. He admits that he’s sad that stalking these days is illegal because he used to love following people around in the past:

“I did sleep with Ian McKellen, I loved stalking people. Now it’s illegal, such a shame. Such fun.”

Opening up on how growing up with strict Catholic ideas being pushed on him, Rupert says that the whole thing made him want to rebel and he even goes as far as to call himself a slut, saying “I was a slut. I loved sex”. He says sex was his release from the rules:

“You were told [at school] that if you got a hard-on, you should turn over and say a Hail Mary. You somehow make it work for yourself, but it gives you lots of bubbles inside. I wanted to tear everything down, and the way I found to do it was sex. They didn’t necessarily have to be attractive. It depends how the lights are hitting you and how the drinks are hitting you. My whole life was about sex, really, in one sense or another.”

Rupert also says that while the 70’s were a great time for homosexuality, the 80’s weren’t good for gay people as people turned against them:

“People were really turning against gays — they had been so popular in the 1970s. Being black was rather popular in the 1970s, too.”

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