Wednesday Night Links

Posted by Kim on September 13th, 2007

- 5 of Reese Witherspoon’s Best Beauty Secrets
- 5 Stars Who Use Expensive La Mer Skincare Products
- 5 Celebrities Who Don’t Pluck Their Eyebrows

Sorry for the lack of updates around here guys!  I’ve been super busy around here with a few projects I’m working on.  And news has been kinda slooooow (besides the whole VMA thing).  In the meantime, check out these stories at some of my favorite blogs!

Find out who’s winning in the Kanye vs. 50cent battle!  And it sounds like a landslide victory to me. [Daily Stab]

Hayden Panatierre breaks up w/ her Laguna Beach boyfriend. [PotP]

Finally a crack forms in the perfect Brangelina union. [Hollywood Backwash]

I bet you’ll never guess who’s calling Britney a “fat pig” now. [Celeb Warship]

Beyonce for American Express. [Right Celebs]
Lastly, and slightly irrelevant, am I the only one who finds this ad sort of….gross?


That does not make me want to buy ANYTHING.

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