Story of the Day: Taylor Swift is Already Bored of Harry Styles?

Posted by PZ on December 21st, 2012


Taylor Swift is reportedly already over Harry Styles and they haven’t been together very long. Taylor, who seems to jump from relationship to relationship these days, is already bored of Harry and believes that they have nothing interesting to talk about when they aren’t partying together. She’s grown tired of how their conversations never go anywhere and is thinking of bailing already:

“Taylor thinks Harry’s adorable, but when they’re done hitting the clubs – or making out – they really have nothing to talk about, any time she tries to engage him in conversation, it goes nowhere.”

Taylor feels like it might be time to move on and doesn’t believe there is anything more she can get from the relationship so she’s looking to date someone older again:

“Taylor’s already thinking of moving on, she’s gotten all the headlines off their romance that she needed, and now she has her sights set on someone a bit older.”

Swift believes it won’t be long before Harry is loved up with someone else:

“Taylor knows he’s a chick magnet, so he’ll rebound soon enough!”

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