Story of the Day: Lance Bass Bashes Lindsay Lohan & Justin Bieber

Posted by PZ on December 17th, 2012


Former N’Sync singer Lance Bass has picked a fight with Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber, or simply stated the obvious, depending on what your opinion is! Firstly commenting on the trainwreck that is Lilo, Lance says that people have given her too many chances and she needs to make a huge change if she ever wants to get back on track properly, because she keeps failing every time and will continue to do so. He even believes jailing her might work the best:

“I kinda am over Lindsay just because I think everyone has given her way too many chances. I find the love in every celebrity out there… but Lindsay I’ve given you way too many chances. I think it’s time to step away- maybe go away for five years and then come back. The only way that’s going to change her is to put her behind bars.”

Speaking on Justin Bieber, Lance admits that although he thinks Justin is a very talented guy, he believes that people are leading him astray when it comes to creating a public image and he shouldn’t listen to those responsible for it:

“I think Justin Biever is super talented. I think he has an amazing voice. I think some people around him are taking very bad choices in image. I don’t think that’s him.”

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