Story of the Day: Kim Kardashian’s Surprise Baby Christmas Present?

Posted by PZ on December 24th, 2012

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Is Kim Kardashian finally pregnant? After plenty of past speculation, rumors are heating up to boiling point. Kim and Kanye were recently seen entering a medical building together, which wouldn’t mean much on its own, but it seems a source knows that the couple are expecting their first child. The insider says that although Kim has been trying to drop weight, it seems as though she’s putting on pounds around her midsection. She appears to be gearing up for motherhood and shopping for a family home with Kanye is part of that. Kim says finding out about a pregnancy would make for the perfect Christmas present:

“Despite all of her talk about exercising harder and eating healthier, it’s obvious that Kim has gained at least 10 pounds in the past few weeks, and it all seems to be around her midsection, plus, she’s given up alcohol completely. And she confessed to pals that she and Kanye are shopping for a family-friendly home in LA together. When a close friend asked Kim point-blank in mid-December if she was pregnant, she slyly responded, ‘That would be the best Christmas present ever!’”

Another source even claims that Kim has underwent fertility treatments and it has paid off:

“Kim made it clear a few months ago that she was opting to undergo fertility treatments, and now they appear to have been successful.”

The insider reveals that the couple are over the moon and so is Kim’s family:

“Kim and Kanye are overjoyed, as is Kim’s family… she’s wanted to be a mom for years – and now that wish is finally coming true.”

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