Story of the Day: Jessica Biel Has a $20,000 Per Week Fashion Addiction

Posted by PZ on March 22nd, 2013


Jessica Biel reportedly can’t stop burning up cash on new designer clothes (does it show? Not really!). According to reports, Jessica is shelling out around $20,000 per week since she tied the knot with super rich Justin Timberlake in order to stay up to date with all things fashion. She can’t say no if she sees anything she likes and often spends hours browsing at Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys NY – she’s even rented a storage unit to take care of her wardrobe overflow because she has no more room at home. A source commented:

“She can’t resist anything from Chanel, Prada or Valentino.”

You would think that Justin would be at least mildly upset by Jessica’s fashion habit, but according to the source he doesn’t mind, although it was unexpected. He has enough money to cover the cost so he is just glad that she’s happy and enjoying his cash:

“Justin can afford it, but he’s still a little taken aback by how voraciously she’s spending.”

This blogger thinks that spending $20,000 on designer clothes is outrageously obscene.  For clothes?  This is ridiculous.  People are starving in Africa.  Doesn’t she even feel guilty about such conspicuous consumption?   What about her spending habits on accessories, in particular jewelry?  How much does she pay a week for rings and necklaces and other types of jewelry?  I’m afraid to ask.  If she used some sort of jewelry rental she could defer some of this cost.  But if she doesn’t rent her jewelry and she buys it, then I think she is going to burn through all of her movie-money in a blink of an eye.  What a waste.

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