Rihanna Looks Amazing on Stage at V Festival

Posted by PZ on August 22nd, 2011

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Photo: INFdaily.com

Performing at the V Festival this weekend in  Staffordshire, UK, Rihanna looked stunning as she appeared on stage. Gone is that horrible red hair, and in it’s place is a much more flattering hazel coloured hairdo which is styled in tight curls. Rihanna’s outfit was also pretty impressive, with a distinct 80’s vibe. Rocking black army style lace-up boots, fishnet tights, high-waisted denim cut-offs, a cropped red top and a black leather jacket, Rihanna was clearly channeling a punk inspired look, which is also so much better than some of the other outfits she’s worn of late – perhaps she has returned to her previous stylist, because this is like old RiRi.

Now that the whole red hair phase is over, I might once again laud Rihanna as one of the coolest pop-ish singers around. Katy Perry eat your candy coated heart out, the old, more stylish Rihanna is back, and she’s much more interestingly dressed. Rihanna looks fresh, unique and back in her comfort zone in this stylish, festival appropriate outfit – now she just has to keep the hair and keep doing what she does best and she’ll be on a roll.

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