Raf Simons Wishes He Could Design Anonymously, Feels “Exposed”

Posted by tuan on September 1st, 2017

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Raf Simons Wishes He Could Design Anonymously, Feels GÇ£ExposedGÇ¥_1

Dior designer Raf Simons has revealed that he wishes he could do his job completely anonymously. He doesn’t like to be in the spotlight and feels he is now too exposed in his position. The designer says that with his own namesake label, he doesn’t like to publish campaigns and simply likes to let the clothes be released without being pushed on people. He explained:

“If I could be completely anonymous, I would. But, these days, it’s not possible anymore in fashion. Since working at Jil Sander, and especially since Dior, the whole thing is very global and exposed. It’s over-the-top exposed and communicated. And that’s not me as a person. It’s also not my brand. We don’t advertise. We simply put our clothes out there. I am very proud of it. I know for a fact that our business comes from press, journalists, and clients believing in the brand and not because they are obligated.”

Raf Simons Wishes He Could Design Anonymously, Feels GÇ£ExposedGÇ¥_2

Raf also isn’t a huge fan of technology and thinks it simply moves too quickly which he finds removes the romance in communication. Although he is interested in seeing how society evolves, he tries to stay away from social media and blog sites because it’s not something that interests him. He commented that he finds the internet too faced paced for his liking:

“I have a huge disinterest in technologies that accelerate cultural speed. Immediately, they make me uncomfortable. When I think about the speed images are consumed on Tumblr it’s already not my thing. The way communication goes over the Internet is not my thing. I can’t be positive or negative about it. But I’m fascinated by what society is becoming, and its evolution. I am watching the behaviour more than the thing itself. I am not going on Tumblr to see what is going on. Not in my interest. I am more interested in mystique and romance, what’s difficult to find, aesthetics that are not in your face.”

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