Pharrell Williams Learns More With Each Fashion Collaboration

Posted by PZ on November 6th, 2017

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‘Happy’ singer Pharrell Williams believes he has been very lucky to work with talented designers and collaborators who have taught him a lot about different designs. The stylish singer has created everything from clothing to fragrances, and says each new job gives him the chance to learn something fresh. He explains that he feels “blessed” to have teamed up with some talented professionals and he even often sees how design and music are similar:

“Well, they are very different – but yes, there are similarities too. You have seven musical notes and you have seven different colours. You have different genres of music, and different types and styles in fashion. For every modality and every sense there are the same degrees of interpretation. It’s the same for chefs, or with fragrances – as I just learnt doing this collaboration with Comme des Garçons for the G I R L fragrance. There are different juices, different notes. I’ve been blessed to work with some masters, like [Moynat creative director] Ramesh [Nair], in these different realms.”

Pharrell’s latest collaboration was with historical French label Moynat, which he explains was very exciting for him because he has wanted to branch out in to a wider range of leather items. He also already had a few ideas which he was keen to work on alongside the creative director on the new project:

“I had done a couple of bags with another brand for myself and wanted to do some more leather goods. Sarah [Andelman] from Colette gave me some advice, and said, ‘Try Moynat, it predates Vuitton – but is also owned by LVMH – and started in the 1800s. So I met Ramesh and we understood each other instantly. For about seven or eight years I had wanted to make these bags after seeing Harvey Girls with Judy Garland… So I was talking about this with Ramesh and I could see the gears turning in his mind. And he was showing me some of the Moynat archive and we found this logo with a train, and we decided that it was a sign.”


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