Nicki Minaj Claims to Have Never Had Any Facial Surgery

Posted by PZ on February 28th, 2013


Nicki Minaj has always looked a little plastic looking: it’s just sort of her look to be a bit Barbie-doll inspired, and that includes crazy clothes and makeup which is all her signature style. Although she doesn’t deny (nor confirm for that matter) that she’s had anything done to her body, Nicki does say that she’s never had any surgery on her face. So those amazing pouty lips and exaggerated eyes are completely hers. She comments that her constantly changing facial features are due to good makeup changing her face shape:

“I’ve never had surgery on my face. They’ll see contour and they’ll think you had surgery on your nose, no no no, look at RuPaul’s drag race and you’ll see how you can make your nose look any shape you want.”

Nicki says that she experiments with makeup all the time and that when people think she’d done something weird to her face it’s just a new foundation/blush/eyeshadow or another makeup trick that has altered her appearance:

“When people see my makeup they think all types of crazy things that I’m doing to my skin, but it’s makeup.”

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