Miley Cyrus Looks Very Androgynous With Short Hair in Beverly Hills

Posted by PZ on December 6th, 2012

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Stopping off for a quick doctor’s appointment in Beverly Hills, Miley Cyrus showed off her new even shorter hair, playing up the new look with an equally as androgynous ensemble that really highlighted it. Playing with gender is something that is big news in fashion right now, and Miley works it with her own unique take on it. It must have taken some (very figurative) balls to dye her hair platinum blonde and get what looks close to a shave head without feeling too nervous about looking like she’d done a Britney on it. She wore a slouchy black top, rolled up dark jeans and statement black cutout boots with attention grabbing gold clasps, as well as a pair of coordinating gold/black sunglasses.

Miley is taking her style in a bold new direction. It’s actually really unique, and although it may lose her a fan or two (probably thousands actually) she might gain some new ones along the way who like her new found sense of self. It seems like this is the real Miley that has been brewing underneath all those cheesy pop songs and formulaic film roles – will she finally do something that completely breaks the Disney mould? If ever there was a time to do it, it’s with this new revamped look – let’s hope she manages to go in a new direction that surprises us.

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