Mila Kunis Shocked at Young People’s Lack of Interest in Politics

Posted by PZ on September 6th, 2011

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Mila Kunis is shocked that young people don’t read to educate themselves and know little about the political parties they decide to vote for. She believes that people, especially teens, aren’t taking advantage of all that is on offer for them to learn. She rants that young people should stay abreast of current affairs:

“Yes (I’m frustrated), because you are given such an amazing opportunity with so much information. Why is no-one taking advantage of it? You don’t have to watch Fox News or Cnn or Msnbc; you don’t have to be part of a political party, you could just read. Why is nobody reading? I feel like, in our generation, people don’t read.”

She continues to say that people don’t read the news, and so end up not understanding who they are voting for before they are ill-informed:

“They don’t read books, they don’t read the paper, they don’t read the news. So obviously you are incredibly ill-informed to the point where they will go do these tests in Middle America… And they’ll ask, ‘OK, what party are you?’ And they’ll say, ‘Republican’. ‘Why?’ And they can’t even tell you. They have no idea what the Republican Party stands for. “

Mila says that when she voted for Obama she made sure she knew his policies and could list what she agreed and disagreed with him on. She stated:

“Why did I vote for Obama? I can tell you why I voted for him, what I agreed and disagreed with him on, for hours. It’s crazy to me that people don’t educate themselves about the world considering so many of them have children who are going to suffer because of it.  Whoever you vote for, don’t do it just because. And don’t tell me it’s because of religion either because that whole thing is knocked completely out the window. So you better just educate yourself.”

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