Lily James Reveals Her Worst Ever Fashion Mistakes!

Posted by PZ on October 3rd, 2017

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Downton Abbey star Lily James is a rising actress thanks to her role in the hugely popular tv series, and now the British actress has commented on her sense of style, including her funny fashion memories. Lily appears on screen in beautiful costumes in the show and is also quickly becoming known for her gorgeous red carpet style, but she says fashion hasn’t always come so easy and she used to dress badly when she was younger. Lily explains that she had some embarrassing moments in the past and wore plenty of “unflattering” outfits. She recalled some of her worst looks:

“Everything I wore when I was younger was bit cringe. I had puppy fat and wore unflattering boob tubes, combats and stretchy orange flares.”

Lily’s agent has been helping her to dress a “little better” since her rise to fame and she is so excited to wear designer items on the red carpet. She has learnt a lot about red carpet dressing and says that she feels “protected” when she’s wearing a designer dress at an event because she feels like she is playing a role. She especially loved the look she wore at Cannes Film Festival recently:

“I never knew until my first film premiere that actresses borrow clothes from designers for the red carpet. Being lent an amazing designer dress is like putting on a mask – you feel buttressed and protected by it. I loved the dark blue Marni dress I wore at Cannes. It had a studded collar so it felt a bit rock-chick.”


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