Kristen Stewart Has a Major Fashion Disaster at ‘On The Road’ NYC Premiere

Posted by PZ on December 14th, 2012

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This, my friends, is what a fashion trainwreck looks like. Like a silk worm pooped out some underwear and Kristen Stewart decided it was perfect for the New York City premiere of ‘On The Road’. Sigh, she was very wrong. It could have gone right, and the concept is interesting – high waisted underwear/bra with a cool but very sheer printed layer over. It’s extremely sexy, but she looks like she’s missing a layer in between the two in this instance. The high waisted hotpants (if you really don’t want to call them granny panties) look uncomfortable and like they’re giving her a huge wedgie/digging into her flesh. The bra is much more flattering, but still something’s off. It looks like pajamas?

She completed the look with neon orangey pink pointed heels which seem like a random but vaguely coordinate choice,  and it’s topped off with cateye flick makeup and a slicked back ponytail. It certainly ticks the original box, and it’s great that Kristen feels so comfortable taking such big fashion risks, but this one is nothing short of an epic fail. It’s sad to see Kristen have such a fashion disaster when she’s just opened up to the idea of fashion experimentation – hopefully this won’t put her in ‘Little Black Dress’ autopilot mode now that the fashion critics have all called it horrible. It was going to happen sometime..

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