Did Kim Kardashian Pick Out A Wedding Dress?

Posted by Katie F. on June 27th, 2011

Kim Kardashian looked at Vera Wang wedding dresses and had lunch with the designer

Photo: INFdaily.com

Kim Kardashian shopped for a wedding dress Monday at Vera Wang’s boutique in New York. She took her sister Kourtney along with her for the shopping trip. The two were also accompanied by the camera crew for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which means we can look forward to seeing what really happened in the store on the next season of the show.

Kim and Kourtney met with Vera Wang herself and even went out the lunch with the designer after their time at the boutique.

No word on whether or not Kim actually picked something out, but her sister Khloe is hoping Kim will choose a dress from the designer because that’s what she wore for her own wedding.

“She did mine, so I hope she does [Kim’s]. Just because I love her, and I feel like when you think of weddings, you think of Vera Wang. I think it would be a perfect fit.” 

Plenty of other celebs have worn the designer for their wedding, including Mariah Carey and Victoria Beckham. Will Kim Kardashian be the next star to tie the knot in a Vera Wang dress?

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