Kanye West Was Unhappy & Angry at Kim During Baby Shower?

Posted by PZ on June 7th, 2013

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Rapper Kanye West may have shown his face at Kim’s recent Baby Shower, but that doesn’t mean he was happy to be there! According to reports, Kanye was in a foul mood throughout the special day and was even furious at Kim because he didn’t realize she was going to using the baby for publicity purposes as much as she is. An insider says Kanye was visibly annoyed at Kim during the event:

“Kanye totally buzzkilled the baby shower! He definitely seemed unhappy, he appeared to be really annoyed by Kim and her family and didn’t have much to do with her.”

The source says Kanye was taken back by Kim’s attention seeking behaviour:

“Kanye is supposed to okay everything that has to do with their baby – he didn’t realize that Kim was going to do a huge announcement on TV… he was livid. He almost didn’t attend the shower.”

And although the Kardashians tried to keep the mood joyous by ignoring Kanye’s negativity, it became clear that he didn’t even want to be there:

“Kim made a point to talk to all the guests individually, and personally thank them for attending. After eating brunch, Kris have a heartfelt champagne toast to Kim and Kanye. Kanye did not want to be there… he refused to interact with the cameras when it came to filming for the show.”

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