J-Woww Looks Like Fashion Vomit While Hosting Party

Posted by PZ on March 25th, 2011

Photo: INFdaily.com

There are some celebrities who dress really good, and some who dress quite plain and boring, and then there are the J-Woww types. The ones who wouldn’t know fashion if it hit them as hard as Kristie Alley’s bingo wings flap when she’s rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars. J-Woww’s dress-sense can be described as a blend of stripper meets cheapo chic. Who knows what she is wearing here – but it looks as though she procured it by going through Christina Aguilera’s garbage, and then she asked Tila  Tequila to dress her. J-Woww wore this outfit while hosting a party at Club Whisper in Philadelphia which automatically discredits that  club as a cool place to hang out (just thought I’d add that so they won’t ever give her money for performing menial hosting tasks for them again).

Those fingerless tattoo gloves, that oddly shaggy jacket, and that bizarre t-shirt are probably the biggest offenders here, but those ill-fitting jeans and super 90’s heels aren’t helping either. I don’t really know anything about J-Woww, and would never watch an episode of Jersey Shore (too busy listening to Bach) but doesn’t she have her own fashion line? Now that is something which just isn’t right. Well, that and the fact that Jessica Simpson owns one of the best selling fashion labels in the United States. Fashion vomit all-round.

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