Gwen Stefani Loves to Wear the Clothes She Designs

Posted by tuan on September 5th, 2017

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Gwen Stefani, who designs her own label L.A.M.B., has revealed that she loves to wear the pieces she designs herself and often even creates custom outfits, especially when she’s making a special appearance. She admits that putting together a custom designed outfit takes quite a lot of effort and work, because she has to go to multiple fittings to get her outfits looking right. She explained that it is still so much fun to do and ultimately a rewarding experience:

”There’s been so many outfits being on [The Voice]. I really like making pieces. The finale piece I made yesterday was a L.A.M.B. custom, kinda chunk-some thing that we did. I made another piece that was L.A.M.B. earlier that had a little black-and-white kinda thing. Those are my favourite, they take time, there are a lot of fittings. But I love the process and kind of doing that – it’s like the reward of the work.”

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Gwen has become iconic for her unique style and she says she has always been interested in fashion, even from her very early years. She used to buy many pieces in thrift stores and even started to make her own clothes. She was awards by People magazine Awards for her fashion designs and she gushed that she was thrilled to be honoured for her work:

”I’ve always loved fashion. I was a little girl, playing Barbies – my mum was the main person making clothes for me my whole life. Going thrift store shopping, making clothes for No Doubt. Who knew I’d be standing here getting an award for doing something that I love?”

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