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Learning you are not going to be a mother because you had a miscarriage is difficult for any soon to be mother to swallow. Not only is it tough knowing that your unborn child won’t make it, but the pain and complications associated with miscarriages is unbearable.

Some women still have tissue left behind from the miscarriage that needs to get removed or they’ll face more serious and life threatening infections and health concerns. There are medications available to help speed up and complete a miscarriage and there are also surgical procedures.

The surgical procedure doctors use to induce it can cause complications and can be painful. D&C is what the surgical procedure for miscarriages is called, and it means dilation and curettage. This method involves the doctor taking an instrument called curette to clear the uterine lining after dilating the cervix.

As you can imagine, this procedure is not a very good experience. This is why most women who want to go this route are more interested in having a natural miscarriage. Check out 6 ways to have a natural miscarriage.

1. Vitamin C


One of the most popular ways to help complete a miscarriage successfully is to increase your vitamin C intake. If you take enough vitamin C each hour it’ll induce a miscarriage by inducing menstruation. You need to increase your vitamin C intake but don’t take more than 6,000 mg each day.

5 Celebrities Who’ve Admitted to Cocaine Use http://www.girlstalkinsmack.com/5-celebrities-whove-admitted-to-cocaine-use/ Wed, 16 Aug 2017 04:10:15 +0000 http://girlstalkinsmack.com/?p=109850 Cocaine is known to be one of those glamour drugs that celebrities use – so it’s no surprise that several stars have candidly admitted that they’ve given it a go. Thankfully finished with drug use, these stars either didn’t enjoy their experience or realized they were addicted and got help for their problem. Here are their personal stories about their own cocaine use.

Demi Lovato


Demi used to do cocaine even on planes: ”I’ve really never talked about this stuff before… I don’t know if I should be sharing this. With my drug use I could hide it to where I would sneak drugs. I couldn’t go without 30 minutes to an hour without cocaine and I would bring it on airplanes. I would smuggle it basically and just wait until everyone in first class would go to sleep and I would do it right there. I’d sneak to the bathroom and I’d do it. That’s how difficult it got and that was even with somebody [with me], I had a sober companion, somebody who was watching me 24/7 and living with me [and] I was able to hide it from them as well.”

5 Celebrities Who’ve Quit Drinking Alcohol http://www.girlstalkinsmack.com/5-celebrities-whove-quit-drinking-alcohol/ Wed, 16 Aug 2017 04:00:13 +0000 http://girlstalkinsmack.com/?p=109841 They used to drink alcohol all of the time but these 5 celebrities came to the realization that they would be happier without alcohol in their lives. Some simply drank too much or too frequently and realized their lives were suffering as a result, so they decided to sober up for good. Others just wanted to have clearer goals and didn’t want to be drinking all of the time. They all have their personal reasons and have opened up on why they quit drinking alcohol.

Colin Farrell


Colin says quitting alcohol has given him the ability to focus on his work: “(Giving up alcohol has) put more focus on my career. I’m a lot more appreciative over what I have. For years I was adamantly trying to show that I wasn’t worthy or that I didn’t know why it happened to me. I enjoy it a lot more now. I just wanted to stop (drinking). I was done with it, I was tired of it, I wanted to get off the treadmill. The work I always took serious, I probably would have been embarrassed by how serious I took it. Everything else, the behaviour around the work, was a guy having a good time and probably trying to apologise for his success.”

5 Celebrities Who’ve Gone Skinny Dipping http://www.girlstalkinsmack.com/5-celebrities-whove-gone-skinny-dipping/ Tue, 15 Aug 2017 04:05:25 +0000 http://girlstalkinsmack.com/?p=109831 Skinny dipping is surely a very freeing and fun experience – and what harm is there in a little nudity? These 5 celebrities have all stripped off and gone for a dive! Joining in with friends or their other half, these stars had fun splashing around in a pool or the ocean while completely nude. Here are their own skinny dipping stories!

Channing Tatum


While working with Jonah Hill on 21 Jump Street in Miami, the duo decided to strip off and head in to the water: “We decided to jump in the ocean — naked. It was nighttime, thank God.”

5 Celebs Who Were Bullied for Their Looks or Unique Style in School http://www.girlstalkinsmack.com/5-celebs-who-were-bullied-for-their-looks-or-unique-style-in-school/ Tue, 15 Aug 2017 04:00:41 +0000 http://girlstalkinsmack.com/?p=109822 Anyone who has been through high school will know what it’s like, especially for those who didn’t quite fit in – bullies often pick on people who don’t blend in to the crowd and stand out for one reason or another. These 5 celebrities have all said they were bullied for their unique looks or original style. Showing those bullies they were wrong, these stars have since become famous and are proud of their individuality.



Kesha was called a freak for her individual style: ”I was bullied. I’d make my own clothes and come to school with a different hair colour every day and people thought I was a freak. [Some] days I’m good about [criticism] and others it really does affect me.”

5 Stars Speak on the Power of Social Media http://www.girlstalkinsmack.com/5-stars-speak-on-the-power-of-social-media/ Mon, 14 Aug 2017 04:05:28 +0000 http://girlstalkinsmack.com/?p=109812 There is no denying it – social media is an extremely powerful tool. Celebrities use it for everything, from raising their profile to earning big bucks through promotion, but it also has some negative effects – it can cause a lack of privacy and there is often backlash if they say something that isn’t totally politically correct. These 5 stars have spoken on how powerful social media is and how they feel about it.

Ashton Kutcher


Ashton is amazed by how powerful it can be: “In some ways this is kind of a commentary on the state of media. I believe we are at a place now with social media where one person’s voice can be as powerful as a news network – an entire media network. That is the power of the social web… Through your own stream (you) can have a voice that’s as loud as a media network.”

5 Celebrities Who Have a Fear of Heights http://www.girlstalkinsmack.com/5-celebrities-who-have-a-fear-of-heights/ Mon, 14 Aug 2017 04:00:08 +0000 http://girlstalkinsmack.com/?p=109803 A fear of heights is incredibly common and these 5 celebrities have all admitted that they’ve encountered terrifying experiences that made them realize their big fear. Thankfully working towards getting past it, many of these celebrities pushed themselves to simply get used to big heights in a bid to overcome what scares them. Many had to be up high for a role and fought against their fear so they could accomplish a stunning shot on camera.

Ben Foster


Ben’s co-star on ‘The Mechanic’ Jason Statham admired him for conquering his fear. Jason said: “I don’t have a phobia against heights, but Ben Foster… has a phobia against heights and he put himself in the harness, hoisted himself up 350 feet and did the jump and he had to do about five or six different takes. You have to respect that because that’s no easy task.”

5 Stars Who Don’t Watch Their Own Movies http://www.girlstalkinsmack.com/5-stars-who-dont-watch-their-own-movies/ Sun, 13 Aug 2017 04:05:25 +0000 http://girlstalkinsmack.com/?p=109793 As an actor or actress, it must be a strange experience to see yourself on the big screen as others watch your performance. These 5 celebrities say they’d prefer not to have to see the final result of their hard work no set and often skip watching their own movies. Some just find it embarrassing or say they don’t get why people find their work so good, while others just aren’t interested in seeing themselves or would prefer to avoid it!

Charlize Theron


Charlize doesn’t enjoy seeing herself act: “I hate to see myself on screen. When I did ‘Monster’ it wasn’t too bad, because I didn’t look like Charlize Theron. During the rough cut I had to watch a lot of my scenes over and over again. I would slit my wrists if I had to watch my other films that often.”